How to choose a Dining Room Table

It is a month of family get togethers and loaded Iftar tables, and it is not too late to get a new dining room table that will be suitable for your family and your home.

Choosing the right sized dining table depends on a variety of factors. Check the size of the room to determine the maximum table size that it can accommodate. As a general rule, a table should allow at least 81 cm of space on all sides, although 107 cm is better: this allows guests to stand and move around and for a host to serve food from behind the seats.

When measuring the room, account for any furniture, such as a display cabinet, and measure from the edge of the furniture rather than the wall. The shape of the table will be influenced by the room to some extent. For example, a rectangular table is better than a square or circular table in a long room, and a square or circular table is better suited in a small room because they help create intimacy and maximise the space.

A very long narrow table is perfect if you have a long hall in your Villa that you can convert into a dining room. This is a great modern way to upgrade an otherwise dead space.

Also important is the number of seats available and can in part be influenced by the type of chairs. Chairs with arms or angled legs require more space than straight, narrow dining chairs, or benches.

At Mr Paintsman you can choose your Hardwood live edge Table slab, from Blonde Oak, to Mappa Burl from lengths as long as 5 meters. We can adjust the length to suite your dining room and your family's requirements. We have standard table legs, or we can customize the legs to create a truely bespoke Dining Room Table.

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  1. I like that you suggested considering the number of seats that are available on the dining table that you're looking to buy because it can influence the type of chairs that it will have. My husband and I are planning to buy some sets of dining room furniture. We want our dining table to accommodate our big family, so we'll make sure to consider all your tips.
    • MrPaintsman
      Thank you for the feedback, Ellen. Glad we could help.

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