Organize 2019

January, the first month of a new year full of promise and resolutions. One resolution is ALWAYS (for me a mother, home maker and interior design enthusiast) to be more organized and keep it that way.

As January is also known to be organization month, I start the year off with some ideas on how to organize your home. Remember I am NO Marie Kondo – so seek professional help it you are completely drowning.

    Marie Kondo says each item should spark joy – but if you are not sure make 3 piles.
    Spark joy, not sure about joy and no joy. 🙂
    Pack the not so sure about Joy in a clear bin and store. If you have not missed any of the objects in 1 month…do you need to keep it? This does come down to our January #mrpaintsmansnippet number 2 “Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions”, but it is hard to clear out everything at once, so give yourself a break, you are starting, just don’t stop.
    Pack away those winter clothes. Seriously we don’t need coats and heavy boots in Dubai. Pack all the heavy winter clothing in a clear bin, add a bar of soap before sealing it and storing it in the top of your wardrobe, or storage cupboard if you have that space.
    Get everyone in the family involve. Work with the kids in each of their rooms, so they have ownership and can keep it organized. Let everyone help in the kitchen as you all use it and need to understand that it will run smoother if everything has its own place.
    You can’t organize if you have nowhere to store everything. Closest might need extra shelving, or kitchens might need drawers. Deep wardrobes can hide much loved items if it is not visible, so access your current space and add shelving or drawers where you need it. Add storage space by the front door for every day in and out items to keep your entry table clear.

Designing your optimal storage will help you keep everything in tip top organized state. Here our years of experience in designing and building wardrobes will be able to support your organized lifestyle.

Let’s look at your wardrobe

  1. Calculate the numbers. Take an inventory of your belongings – after clearing out
  2. What is the actual space needed for dresses or longer hanging clothes?
  3. Fold your knits and T-shirts, if budget allows add shallow drawers for easy access to all your folded items.
  4. Remember to add storage space for seasonal items, or specific items needed for special activities, like traveling or sports.
  5. Look into specialized storage for accessories and jewelry and
  6. always allow for extra shoe storage 😉

The most important point is to be able to access everything easily and that everything has a space. 

Now to get the rest of the house into tip top shape – Good luck to us all.

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