Start at the Heart of the house to create your Home.

Why would you want to renovate or upgrade your house's kitchen here in the UAE? The land of transition, part time home of many.

How we live, work and use our houses is drastically different in each culture that has presents in the UAE and no part of the household needs are more different than the kitchen. From cultures that prefers closed kitchen where nannies scurry about preparing meals for a whole household, to family-oriented households that need space in the kitchen for the kids while mom cooks, to open plan kitchen for the entertainer-cook that want to be involved with the guests while preparing the meals.

No cookie cut developer can comply with all this, so upgrading your #dubaikitchen to your needs, will make you house feel more like home. Whether it’s time to say goodbye to overused developers dark wood cabinets, replace the work surfaces or if you’re longing for more counter space, we at Mr Paintsman can do it all.

When we initially meet with a client, we discuss WHY they want to renovate. Is it going to be a quick face lift or are we changing the flow and structure of the kitchen?

Quick face lifts include anything cosmetic that will be changed. From cupboard doors that will get an upgrade with a new colour at our industrial spray painting facility to replacing an old kitchen work surface with marble or natural live edge #woodslab to replacing tiles or sinks to make the old kitchen look fresh and inviting.

A kitchen with a face lift, white sprayed doors and new hardware brings this outdated kitchen back into top style.

This is a great option if you are renting a #dubaivilla or a #dubaiapartment and don’t want to spend too much money on someone else’s property, but you still want to make it feel like home.

Home owners might consider structural changes to their kitchens as an investment to add value to their #dubaiproperty or just to create a space they love and works for them.

There are many options to consider and think of when you are doing a structural change.

  1. Room shapes, sizes, scenic views, lighting and access to the outdoors are all important aspects to consider.
  2. Also think of spaces for household appliances like multi-oven ranges, steam ovens, microwave ovens, plumbed-in coffee makers and double-drawer dishwashers.
  3. Creating extra room for multiple chefs in the kitchen can make cooking and clean-up easier and more enjoyable. Adding islands, additional counter space and enlarged walkways allows people to work and navigate the kitchen together with ease.
  4. Plan kitchen storage in advance.
  5. Adding inserts, roll-outs in a pantry, or an entirely separate walk-in pantry or scullery is something that needs to be discussed and planned for ahead of time.
Inspiration of structural changes for an open plan family living kitchen - the heart of the home.

At Mr Paintsman we discuss the structural changes you want to make with you, do the architectural drawings for your approval and get municipality approvals for the changes. We source your tiles, taps, sinks and anything else your dream kitchen would need, and then we install it all with our highly skilled craftsman for you to enjoy for years to come.

Whatever the reason for your kitchen renovation, it is important to know what you want, trust who you work with and be open to new suggestions. So give your house some love and turn it into your HOME.

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