Zoning out the Kitchen Work Triangle

Traditionally, kitchen design was based on the "work triangle" - the space between the sink/bench, the oven and the fridge. Each "point" of the triangle should be easily accessed, with nothing interrupting the flow. These days with more appliances used, or kitchens used by multiple family members a basic work triangle won’t work. Divide your…
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The Story of Live Edge Furniture

Live edge designs have been around since man started creating furniture and are experiencing a modern renewal. "Live edge" refers to a process of using wood, generally in furniture or shelving, where at least one side is left untouched or natural. Here are some slabs with "live edges:" Live edge wood comes from trees and…
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How Long Does Ipe Decking Really Last?

How Long Does Ipe Decking Really Last? To answer the question, we have to understand the other popular products and what they bring to the table. For decades, the most popular materials for building decks were pressure treated wood, redwood, or cedar. Recently, composite decking came into the field with mixed results among home owners.…
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