Start at the Heart of the house to create your Home.

Why would you want to renovate or upgrade your house's kitchen here in the UAE? The land of transition, part time home of many. How we live, work and use our houses is drastically different in each culture that has presents in the UAE and no part of the household needs are more different than…
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Organize 2019

January, the first month of a new year full of promise and resolutions. One resolution is ALWAYS (for me a mother, home maker and interior design enthusiast) to be more organized and keep it that way. As January is also known to be organization month, I start the year off with some ideas on how…
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Zoning out the Kitchen Work Triangle

Traditionally, kitchen design was based on the "work triangle" - the space between the sink/bench, the oven and the fridge. Each "point" of the triangle should be easily accessed, with nothing interrupting the flow. These days with more appliances used, or kitchens used by multiple family members a basic work triangle won’t work. Divide your…
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