Zoning out the Kitchen Work Triangle

Traditionally, kitchen design was based on the "work triangle" - the space between the sink/bench, the oven and the fridge. Each "point" of the triangle should be easily accessed, with nothing interrupting the flow.

These days with more appliances used, or kitchens used by multiple family members a basic work triangle won’t work. Divide your kitchen into "zones" instead.

There are five essential zones to consider ensuring organisation, accessibility and flow

1. Consumables 

The consumables zone is the area where you would place your fridge, freezer and pantry. It should sit within or close to your cooking station, for easy reach of products you need for cooking. 

2. Non-consumables (where you store dishes etc),

The non consumables zone can be broken into different areas in the kitchen. An area for day to day crockery and cutlery can be placed in the kitchen island or the most accessible cupboards in your kitchen space whereas platters and crockery for special occasions can be placed in corner base units that are not frequently accessed in the kitchen, or even in the dining room outside the kitchen.

3. Wash up station

The wash up station should include the sink, dishwasher and wet trash bin, that ideally are situated in line with each other. This avoids spills when rinsing the dishes before packing the dishwasher, or clearing the plates. This area should include counter space on both sides of the sink for placing the dirty dishes and a dry rack, for the clean ones. The flow should run, trash, sink then dishwasher on the furthest side of the entrance, to allow flow of work, with enough space for the dishwasher to open, without hindering movement. Add below the sink storage for cleaning products and wall units for storing some of your dishes. The wash station can be hidden in a scullery flowing from the kitchen. 

4. Prep & Cook Station

The cooking station includes your stove/hob, oven, microwave, rice cooker or any other cooking appliance that needs to be incorporated into your kitchen. This zone could follow the traditional work triangle, with 3 points being in easy access from one another. A prepping sink, the chosen cooking appliance and the fridge. When more than one cooking station is used, one leg of the triangle can be shared. Include your spice rack or fresh herb pots inside your cooking station, or anything you use frequently when cooking, like pots and pans.

5.The Guest hub

Ideally, your kitchen will allow space for people who aren't working in it. This might be a counter to sit at or an island to perch on. As anyone who's ever been to a house party knows, the real party is always in the kitchen. Make sure yours is functional and social. The guest hub is also a great spot to add a coffee or drinks station, so guests can help themselves. Keep an eye out for our coffee station insparational story coming on Facebook.

Enough space on this kitchen island for guests to relax while they visit
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