Project 169

This family Villa in Victory Heights, needed a lighter family center of their home.
The Project started with redesigning the layout of the kitchen, reusing the space in a clever way to hide objective pillars, creating a flush finish.

The hidden laundry cupboard, got a redesign too, making the space not just much more practical but stylish too.

Mr Paintsman took this project from design to completion, updating the kitchen floor, building and fitting all the cupboards, fixing the ceiling, lights and all electrical fittings, paint the walls and tiled the back splash by the stove.

The Client wanted more drawers, than cupboards, for easy access to all the pots and break ware. This is what our bespoke service is all about, to give our client what they want and need.

To finish it off, a trio of lights hangs above the counter to create a welcoming spot for visitors, (or helpers) in this kitchen.

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