Portfolio Category: Spray Painting

Project 172

One of the major projects in the first half of of 2018 was the refurbishment of a space, creating a new restaurant in Dubai Marina. We where involved in many parts we will share with you, but here we can show the table refurbishment. The legs that where black before where spray painted white and…
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Project 167

Tigerwood Decking Tiles, creates a warm and welcoming terrace at this ground floor apartment in Green Community. Tigerwood is loved by interior designers for there contrasting grain, creating interest in a space and its value for money. A quick easy installation, over your existing tiles, makes this a great solution for renters....you can even pick…
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Project 164

Upgrading your kitchen is easier and more cost effective than you think.  You don't have to live with those tired old brown cabinets anymore.
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