8 points to remember when creating your UAE back yard

Welcome to the UAE! Surely you have been looking at properties and has been saddened at the state of the gardens. This is not because the previous tenant did not love their garden, or used it, NO. It is just a rule that you leave the garden in the state you find it in. This makes it difficult for gardens to get established, but great for new tenants to really make the space their own. Make sure you budget it in to create a great space for entertaining over the weekend. So where to begin? Here are 8 points you should consider when creating your outdoor entertainment area.


#1: Flooring

…because you don’t want to hang out in the sand the whole year.

Create a beautiful space with a variety of flooring. From hard wood, to grass (fake or natural) or stones and tiles. A variety of flooring creates zones for seating, entertaining, meditating or exercise depending on what material you use. For a warm undertone that is hard wearing use hard wood flooring, like Cumaru, Tigerwood or Ipe. These woods are some of the hardest wood around and can last up to 50 years maintenance free. Great for pathways, decks or creating a warm ambiance under a pergola.

#2: Roofing structure

Hardwood pergolas are bang on trend for outdoor kitchens in the UAE. Cost effective and hard wearing these roof structures don’t only provide shade, but creates a great design feature, with all the different designs and styles available. It gives structure for lighting and creates atmosphere for long chats late into the balmy nights. Or if you feel you need more of a closed roof structure opt for a Gazebo. You won’t be able to see the stars, but you will have more solid shade during the day.

#3: Cooling Options for Extended Use throughout the Year

If you’ve designed your outdoor kitchen exactly how you want it, you want to be able to use that space for as many months out of the year as possible. To help achieve that goal, consider the installation of various cooling systems.

One option is a misting fan, that will cool the immediate air for up to 6 hours before needing to refill. Another is a free standing or portable air conditioning system, although these systems are effective they are big and not aesthetically pleasing.

If you budget allows it look at Hydrojet Drone or misting systems, that operates by the physical principle of evaporated cooling, creating a thin fog. This fog in ambient hot air will dry off, lowering heat, reducing temperature of even 10 – 15 °C of ambient temperature.


#4: Ice Maker Outside

If you’re interested in using your outdoor kitchen primarily for entertaining, an ice maker is essential. When people are constantly refreshing their drinks on hot days, it’s much more convenient to have this feature outside than making people continuously walk in and out of the house.

Ice makers are also more effective than ice buckets, which quickly lead to melted ice on hot summer days, and less obstructive and unsightly than multiple coolers littering your space. You probably won’t use this feature every day, but it will be invaluable on the days you do need it.

#5: Grills

If you are going to be cooking outdoors you want to invest in a BBQ Grill. Grills have always been the star of outdoor cooking, and kitchens today are no exception. However, the types and styles of grill have advanced a lot since the days of exclusively using round-topped charcoal grills. Choose something built in for ultimate luxury.

#6: Creative and Aesthetically Pleasing Exterior Storage Options

As outdoor kitchen designs become more elaborate, it follows that more items will fill your kitchen cabinets. This quickly leads to the need for good outdoor kitchen storage options. People are increasingly turning to high quality outdoor kitchen cabinets for this purpose, made with hardwood like Cumaru, that will withstand the sun and keep out the dust.

#7: Backyard Pizza Oven

Today’s hottest outdoor appliance is the pizza oven. If you’re looking for that perfectly baked pizza, with slightly charred cheese bubbles and cracker-crisp crust — and, let’s be frank, who isn’t? — then an outdoor pizza oven may be the appliance of your dreams.

#8: Natural tables.

Entertaining is, of course, all about making everyone feel comfortable and creating a comfortable space to enjoy the delicious meals you are preparing. Gather around a hard wood table that can withstand the UAE weather and last for years to come. Just choose your slab and your table legs and create your very own bespoke piece.

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