9 ways to style your Live edge Dining Table

KISS - Keep it simple stupid! Best rule of thumb, with an already stunning highlight in your living space. Below you will see that small choices surrounding your table sets the mood and style. From Dramatic, to natural to elegant, through all the styles the live edge table is the star of the show.

1. Creating a dramatic setting with a black kitchen, the wooden slab dining room table adds much needed warmth and balance.

2. In this Scandi style setting with stark white walls and black detail, the simplicity
of the table brings a natural element to the room.

3. Paired with geometric chairs, this live edge table creates a sharp modern look.

4. The crystal chandeliers and upholstered chairs gives the relaxed multi functional
room a formal and elegant setting.

5. With windows streaming in natural light and live plants adoring the table, it gives a feeling of calm and relaxation, an oasis in your home.

6. Elegant and poised with warm lighting creates a welcoming family dining room.

7. Wall cladding and more natural elements and colour palette gives this house a more rustic feel.

8. In smaller spaces the Live edge tables add to a homely warm feel.

9. Lastly, sleek design, simple accessories...speaks for itself.

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